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shoot and edit – pink (part 2)

Hmmm. I finished this edit on the 24th and even created a post but didn’t finish writing it … and then life happened … and then I got distracted by another photography project … and then the deadline for linking up came and went … and then …

Well, I thought I might as well publish what I’ve got which is simply the before and after shots.


I can’t remember how I edited this exactly. I used PSE 8 mostly to add the texture and quote but ended up finishing the edit in Lightroom.

shoot and edit – pink

Even though the males in my house outnumber me 3 to 1, finding something pink wasn’t a big stretch for me. Deciding on which pink thing to photograph was a different matter. So I gave in and indulged myself today. I went around the house photographing anything pink.

I think I could’ve gone on and on but … uhm … the kids got hungry/bored. I still haven’t completely decided which photo to edit but I am leaning towards the measuring cup guy in the cupboard full of glasses because it needs the most work and I’m thinking of experimenting with textures. But don’t hold me to it : )

days 14 to 18

Mike was a happy man making his backyard rink for the boys. I took this shot from the dining room window. They’re watching the water fill up in the plastic thingamabob. They stood like this for a long time. Boys!

A scavenger hunt photo reject.

LittleR Dude enjoying cuddle time with daddy. Or, rather … daddy enjoying cuddle time with LittleR Dude. Likely both.

One of my hubby’s many Christmas surprises. A GorillaPod (tripod). I’ve been using it in the snow for down-low shots with my big Nikon D70.

This is a SOOC shot and is my stand-by for the Shoot and Edit challenge. I have one more day to capture a typical morning for me. I’m hoping for a quieter night tonight so I feel better rested than I did today.

shoot and edit – winter

This was an enlightening exercise for me. At first, I followed Ashley’s steps using PSE 8.0 but quickly realized how uncomfortable I was with working with this program. I ended up returning to my comfort zone and used Lightroom 3 (LR3) to get to get to my final version. I could have achieved the same results using PSE but it would have taken me forever to do it because I’m so unfamiliar with PSE’s drop-down menus.

Winter - SOOC

winter - edited using LR3

winter - cropped version of above

Here are the settings I used. They’re not identical to Ashley’s since my photo had a much lighter background than hers but I tried to change similar elements.

After putting the kids to bed, I decided to give Ashley’s advanced PSE instructions another go. It was easier to follow without the kids around but still slow-going because I’m still having a hard time finding my way around PSE. I used Ashley’s settings except for the Saturation and Brightness (mine was lower at .86) levels. I also added an Unsharp Mask to sharpen parts of my image.

Thanks Ashley for pushing me to try something that seemed so out of my comfort zone. I really like my revised edit. I’ve shown the SOOC image again for comparison.

winter - edited with PSE using Ashley's advanced tutorial + Unsharp Mask

Winter - SOOC


Major fail! I had 5 minutes to take a photo today. The first couple of minutes were spent trying to think of what to photograph. I was in my kitchen … probably the least interesting (to me) of places to be in. I honed in on my coffee which was getting colder by the second. I tried to swirl cream into it to add more interest but all I got were the tiniest of tiny bubbles. So lame.


LittleR Dude asked to go outside today to play with his diggers. Yeah, I thought. I can get some winter shots in for Ashley and Jill’s Shoot and Edit challenge. But alas, his older brother wanted to stay inside to do crafts so I had to position myself in front of the sliding door where I could see LittleR Dude happily playing in the snow and Little Dude making a masterpiece with crayons in the dining room.

I got my camera out but only managed a few shots. None of them were particularly exciting. I might use this SOOC image of my son’s diggers below for the challenge if I don’t get a chance to go outside with my dSLR again before Wednesday evening.

I’m also thinking of using this image taken yesterday. It’s also a SOOC shot.

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