shoot and edit – self portrait (part 2)

I had two main goals for this edit:

1. Correct the lens distortion or warping that you can see on the wood trim
2. Fix the glare on my glasses

Well, okay, I also corrected the white balance but Ashley taught that in week 1 so I thought I’d skip over that part. Here are my SOOC and Final images:


LR3 + PSE edit

Correct lens distortion
The SOOC shot had a very noticeable distortion caused by my wide-angle lens. The wood trim on either side of me warped inwards. This is why I don’t like using this lens on close-up facial shots and opt for my portrait lens instead to avoid facial warping. Now if grabbing another lens is not a viable option, Lightroom makes it super easy to correct lens distortion. The Lens Corrections toolbox has two tabs: Profile and Manual. The Profile tool allowed me to select the lens I used (Nikon AF-S Nikkor 18-200mm f/3/5-5/6) and Lightroom made the appropriate adjustments for me. Easy peasy!

Now after making this change I also noticed that the wood trims were straight but were angling in at the top of the photo because I had angled my camera up in order to keep my head from being cut off. In retrospect, I probably should have raised my tripod instead of angling the camera up but hind-sight is 20/20. Lucky for me, Lightroom also lets you correct this. I clicked on the Manual tab, making sure that the Constrain Crop box was also ticked, and adjusted the Vertical slider until the wood trims were parallel.

Fix the eyeglasses glare
I found that Lightroom didn’t have the fine-tuning capabilities to let me fix the glare to a point where I could see a big difference. I had to jump on PSE and used a combination of its spot healing and cloning tools to make the change. I also adjusted the brightness and clarity of parts of my eyeglasses. My fix isn’t perfect (I’m way too impatient for the intense fiddling required to get it done right). I also didn’t remove the glare completely but I think there’s a noticeable improvement.

I was going to give Ashley’s tutorial a go using my close-up self portrait from last week but the hubby is calling me to watch the American Idol results show so I’m going to have to leave that for another day. Looking forward to seeing all you’re beautiful faces.


7 thoughts on “shoot and edit – self portrait (part 2)

  1. Great job! And thanks so much for the tips on reducing the glare on glasses. I have a son in glasses, and it is so difficult to get a shot of him without the glare.

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