shoot and edit – self portrait

Woohoo! A self portrait theme. I used this SOOC shot last week for my 52 week project. It’s pretty up close and personal but I like it. I’m almost half way through the project and, although it was a little jarring to see close-up photos of me at first, I’ve become very forgiving of my imperfections.

I rarely edit out my wrinkles when I post photos of me. I don’t mind the lines and spots on my face. I’ll be 45 this year. Aging happens. And I’m okay with that … at least, right now.

I rarely wear make-up but, since beginning the self portrait project, I’ve put a little on from time to time … but it’s often barely noticeable. This is the way it’s always been for me. Some things just never change.

I don’t like to fuss with my hair. I’m kind of stuck in the 80/90s with the whole Meg Ryan bed-head look. I shower. Swish my hair around a little and hope that it dries before I have to go outside. I have a blow dryer and use it for really cold days when I don’t want icicles hanging from my ears because I went out with wet hair.

I did another self-portrait shoot this morning, this time with my wide-angle lens — a dreaded torso shot.

Having lived most of my life with a flat belly, no hips and small boobies, I still haven’t completely accepted the body transformations brought on by motherhood. I sucked my gut in : ) Sometimes, I think I take self portraits in an attempt to will myself into getting back on the treadmill. So far it hasn’t worked and it’s been a half a year since I started doing selfies. I’m stubborn like that.

I think I’ll probably use this recent selfie for the Shoot and Edit challenge because there are a couple of things about this photo that jumps out at me that I’d like to change:

  • the distortion caused by my wide-angle zoom lens which is really noticeable because of the vertical wood trim on either side of me
  • the glare on my eyeglasses … this will be really tough … I usually try to avoid it when I shoot but it’s so difficult when doing selfies … I usually end up taking my glasses off


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