white balance … check

The hubby is home again at last. He took the red eye back and stepped in the door as the boys and I were waking up. So he went straight to bed while I tried to keep the boys quiet. By afternoon, he was feeling good enough to bake cookies for us and gave me a bit of a break. I used my alone time to get reacquainted with my Nikon D70 manual. I had tried reading it a few times in the past but I might as well have been reading a book written in French. Words looked familiar but my brain couldn’t process any of the information at all.

I don’t know why but this time around something clicked. My eyes didn’t glaze over like they used to and I got through the section on setting my Preset White Balance without much effort. This is something I struggle with especially this winter with all the snow we’ve had. These are my before and after sooc shots of the view out my window:

And, look at that! The snow isn’t the colour of pee on the right. Both images are slightly underexposed but it was a grey day and I haven’t gotten to the chapter on Exposure yet.

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