shoot and edit – hearts (part 2)

I used Lightroom 3 (LR3) for my edits. Lightroom doesn’t have a “Levels” adjustment tool but you can mimic similar adjustments by using the Basic histogram (Blacks, Exposure & Highlight sliders) as well as the Tone tool (which is similar to PSE’s curves). LR3 also doesn’t have Layers. A quick way to add a pink wash to images in Lightroom is to adjust the Tint slider towards the magenta end. To make more fine tune adjustments to targeted colours, the “HSL | Color” panel will do the trick. If you want to limit a tint application to a specific area on your image, you can use the Adjust Brush or Graduated Filter tools and then click on the Color selector. However, my favourite way of giving a colour wash to images in LR3 is using the Split Toning tool. That’s a lot of info to take in if you’re new to Lightroom. Sorry but feel free to contact me if you have any questions about LR3.

Here are the before and after images of Little Dude.


LR3 edit

I kept my edits pretty basic and didn’t add a colour wash to the image. The left hand is slightly on the over-exposed side but I find that my eyes are drawn towards the heart-shaped fingers even more by doing this.

And, since I’ve finished with this edit, here are my before and after shots of LittleR Dude’s upside down heart-shaped “spotting scope”:


LR3 edit

The over-exposed window was impossible to correct. If it bugs me enough, I’ll probably end up cropping it out of the image or taking the photo to PSE to get rid of it and other distracting elements in the background.

I tucked the boys in their beds and decided to make one final edit to both photos … a tight crop removing distracting elements.




7 thoughts on “shoot and edit – hearts (part 2)

  1. I really like your edits – if you ever feel like you have time…feel free to explain your steps in more depth. I’m sure there are a few other lightroom users that would love a tutorial.

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