shoot and edit – red (part 2)

I’ve more or less come to the conclusion that I really suck at editing in PSE. Part of the problem is that my image looks ever-so-slightly pixelated in PSE and the colours seem odd somehow (compared to when I view the same SOOC image using Lightroom3). I went through the same process using both software and somehow managed to completely ruin the photo in PSE. So I went away, came back and tried a second PSE edit from scratch. Well, my PSE edits are so bad that I’m not even going to show them to you. It wouldn’t be a fair comparison between the 2 software because clearly the problem is with me and possibly with some weird calibration settings that I haven’t yet figured out how to fix.

On a more positive note, I’m not going to forget to link up to Ashley’s edit post (unlike last week) because I’m making myself a reminder message: Don’t Forget To Link Up, Cynthia!!!

Anyway, here’s my SOOC and LR3 edit.



LR3 edit

I more or less kept to Ashley’s tutorial minus the texture part because I like the texture of the wooden cabinets behind me. I kicked up the saturation of the Reds a notch, brightened my face slightly and sharpened my eyes a tad. I also thought about softening my skin tone but decided to go with a more natural look. I have age-spots all over my face and I’m down with that. To be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve improved the SOOC image … I do like the softness of the original but think I’ve captured the true colour of my scarf better on the LR3 edit. It really is that bright red!

And now for a little self-promotion. Red is also the theme for my 52-week self-portrait project. Click on the button below if you can bear to look at me again. I’ve also posted an outtake of the shoot there.


2 thoughts on “shoot and edit – red (part 2)

  1. I think your edit looks great and if you’re more comfortable with LR, then continue using it. However, I am curious what’s going on with your PSE. If you want, send me an image and I can check it out on my end to see what’s going on.

  2. Using LR seems to really work for you. I love what you did. And you DID keep the softness of the sooc. In fact, without losing detail, you maintained and even enhanced the softness where you needed it. And you really made the red pop. It’s subtle, but very lovely and perfect.

    I rarely use textures, and I don’t always use every step of Ashley’s tutorial if the photo doesn’t need it. I’ve been reading a bit lately about photography and editing, and it appears the biggest mistake people make is in over-editing, or putting something in the photo that doesn’t need it. I like how you let the photo speak for itself, and don’t put something in that it doesn’t need. šŸ™‚

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