shoot and edit – good night

I was really excited about taking some bath time shots this evening (following Jill‘s lead). It had been awhile. The lighting in my kids’ bathroom is deplorable and, without a speedlight, I get multiple shadows showing up everywhere. But I tried it without a speedlight and the first couple of test shots didn’t look too bad … except, this is what my sons were doing then and for most of bath/shower time…

Like cats and dogs, they were. So they were separated … as best as could be when sharing a tub. I gave up on shooting without a speedlight and got these. The youngest at one end of the tub…

… and the older one at the other end.

Finally the boys’ evening bath/shower came to an end and the oldest got a big hug from daddy…

and the younger one, tonight’s little tyrant, continued his tyranny in the tub.

And yep, he IS wearing a plastic tub on his head. Don’t all kids when they’re showering?

Story time, at last.

All photos are SOOC shots (like as if you can’t tell). All, except for the first and last ones, were taken with a speedlight. I’m still somewhat undecided as to which one to use for the Edit part of this challenge … although I am leaning towards the last shot right now because it gives me good, positive vibes looking at it. And, with that …

good night : )

8 thoughts on “shoot and edit – good night

  1. Ha ha ha, my kids act the same way in the tub, which requires so much attention because Delaney is still an infant and Afton can be so mean! I love the picture of your eldest alone of the opposite side of the tub the best, but they are all great shots!

  2. Hahaha, I recognize the bath fights. Here they share the tub with the three of them. Sometimes they are like angels together, but on just as many other days…. oh my!

    That last shot is lovely. I should take some pictures of our story time too, it’s such a precious moment to remember…

  3. I can’t decide which one I love the best either – but like you the last shot says so much to me 🙂 Beautiful! Your boys are no different than ours and Naomi and Noah were NOT perfect for our little bath time photo session. LOL!

    Hugs and blessings today!

  4. Awww, I love the last shot! I love looking in on Georgia with Jeremy when they read together – it melts my heart! And it’s extra nice knowing that your grown-up time is about to start. Either way, all your shots are great SOOCs. They depict real-life nighttime perfectly!

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