i heart faces – innocent wonder

I see glimpses of innocent wonder when I watch my two boys play. My youngest (who is almost 3 1/2) will still sometimes lie flat on the floor and watch the wheels of his toy cars turn as he pushes them. But these moments are becoming more fleeting and harder to capture on camera as my sons grow older.

One sunny afternoon, I clipped a paper butterfly on each of my boys’ shirt and watched their eyes fill with wonder, then curiosity, and then sheer delight. It was truly magical to be witness to this and I snapped away with my camera greedily. This is my favourite photo from the series of shots I took that day. The gentleness in LittleR Dude’s face and hand fill my heart with love and tenderness.


9 thoughts on “i heart faces – innocent wonder

  1. thanks for the comment on my blog! I love photo challenges, not only to play along, but finding other great bloggers!

    Good luck at I heart faces! I don’t think I have a shot.. lol.. I didn’t think of it until afterwards, but you can’t see my daughters face! oh well, I still love it.
    I love your entry. It’s adorable! It makes me want to know what he’s lookin’ at!

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