shoot and edit – good morning (part 2)

I actually like the softness of my SOOC image. I intensionally under-exposed the subject (me) slightly and pointed my camera towards the light source (the sliding doors leading to the backyard) to capture what I like to call a soft silhouette. However, for the purpose of this SHOOT and EDIT challenge I’ve set out to convert my original to a high-contrast silhouette, darkening my profile and outer areas of the photograph.

Ashley’s tutorial using LAYER MASKS in Photoshop to concentrate adjustments to specific areas in a photo is perfect. However, because of the simple nature of my photograph, I chose to use Lightroom 3 to edit. Here are my steps starting with the original image.

good morning - sooc

Apply Preset: Nostalgialicious
This essentially darkened and warmed up the image. The before and after settings are shown below.

Add Graduated Filter to the left of the door way and adjust the Exposure settings until darkened. See my Exposure setting below

Repeat the Graduated Filter step and apply to the right side of the door

And there you have it … how to create a high-contrast silhouette in under 3 minutes using LR3. Note: Had the area that needed to be darkened been irregular-shaped, the edit would have taken me much longer and I would have had to use LR3’s Adjustment Brush or Photoshop’s Layer Masks as per Ashley’s tutorial.

final edit: cropped version + manual lens corrections


3 thoughts on “shoot and edit – good morning (part 2)

  1. Well I did like your SOOC and the soft silhouette but I also really like what you’ve done in Lightroom. Next time I see a good deal on it, I might purchase it…just not a high priority right now.

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