memories, dreams and reflections 2010

I was so intrigued by Ashley and Jill’s Shoot and Edit photo challenge that I forgot to post my 365 photo on Friday. Now it’s Saturday and still nothing. Plus I really wanted to finish this MDR 2010 post that I started way, way back in December. Oh, well. I did take photos today and yesterday. And once I get my act together, I will post them.

Finally! I’m sure y’all have been waiting with baited breath. Not!!! I totally enjoyed looking back at my 2010 photos for this exercise. Thanks again, Ashley for hosting this.

What am I most proud of accomplishing in 2010? Outside of my own children’s successes, it would have to be starting my Picture Motherhood blog which documents my 52-week journey in photographing me. This photo was a result of one of my self-portrait shoots and placed 3rd in the one of the i heart faces challenges. That was totally unexpected and the acknowledgement gave me a huge boost of confidence.

I Love You
This was another self-portrait after a crazy week dealing with my hubby finding out that one of his arteries was blocked and had to undergo emergency angioplasty. I cannot imagine a world without Mike. I love him beyond belief.

Still Laughing
And wouldn’t you? The photo says it all.

Winter Wonderland
A lovely December dump of snow in our yard.

We baked a cake for Grandpa who lives across the other side of the country. The boys sang and blew out the candles.

I generally don’t take my camera out when we have company. I just don’t think to do it. This is one of 4 quick shots I took of friends and their 2-year-old son.

I Was Inspired
I’m inspired everyday by the photographs I see online, particularly the ones I come across through Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. I’m so addicted to the Scavenger Hunt Sunday Challenge!

Spring Fever
Love this shot of my 3 boys in early spring.

Travel or Vacation
We didn’t travel in 2010. Instead we stay-cationed in our new pool and re-landscaped backyard.

Summer Days
Relaxing in the pool.

A Day In My Life
Lots of joy with a little bit of this …

All Smiles
This photo brings a smile to my face every time.

Autumn Harvest
Leaves! Leaves! Lots of leaves!

A photo taken with our underwater camera.

A party isn’t a party without party hats.

Let’s Do It Again…
Have a baby? The idea sounds nice but no. Having this baby and her family over for a visit again, now that would be fun.

I Miss You
Sometimes I miss naptime and that unmistakable baby smell that all babies have.

I find my children’s curiosity beautiful

Dress Up
An image captured months before all the ghouls were out trick or treating.

Not a true macro but close enough. It’s a SOOC shot.

Spending Christmas with mom.

My Favorite
The two bro’s chillin’.

Don’t Ever Change
My feisty youngest son. My rascal.

Just Because…So There!

Hopes and Dreams
I wish for love and good health for all.


4 thoughts on “memories, dreams and reflections 2010

  1. This is such a wonderful collection – I’m so glad you were able to link up and I’m so glad we were able to “meet” last year – you’ve been a source of inspiration for me too!

  2. there are so many photos that i love in this series – your editing sytle is really unique and i like it! so much feel to every shot!

    i’ll say a prayer that your husband remains healthy! blessings to you both!

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