shoot and edit – winter

This was an enlightening exercise for me. At first, I followed Ashley’s steps using PSE 8.0 but quickly realized how uncomfortable I was with working with this program. I ended up returning to my comfort zone and used Lightroom 3 (LR3) to get to get to my final version. I could have achieved the same results using PSE but it would have taken me forever to do it because I’m so unfamiliar with PSE’s drop-down menus.

Winter - SOOC

winter - edited using LR3

winter - cropped version of above

Here are the settings I used. They’re not identical to Ashley’s since my photo had a much lighter background than hers but I tried to change similar elements.

After putting the kids to bed, I decided to give Ashley’s advanced PSE instructions another go. It was easier to follow without the kids around but still slow-going because I’m still having a hard time finding my way around PSE. I used Ashley’s settings except for the Saturation and Brightness (mine was lower at .86) levels. I also added an Unsharp Mask to sharpen parts of my image.

Thanks Ashley for pushing me to try something that seemed so out of my comfort zone. I really like my revised edit. I’ve shown the SOOC image again for comparison.

winter - edited with PSE using Ashley's advanced tutorial + Unsharp Mask

Winter - SOOC


7 thoughts on “shoot and edit – winter

  1. This was great, Cynthia. I’d love to try out Lightroom. Right now all I have for uploading photos is iPhoto, which is great, but doesn’t do all the things that Lightroom or Elements does. So I’m pretty happy with my PSE.

    I love this boat!

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