i heart faces – smile

Picking a photo for “smile” was just as difficult as picking one for last week’s challenge, “faces”. I was so wracked with indecision last week that I missed posting. I have so many favourites.

For this challenge, I chose a photo of me smiling … a rare capture for my 52-week self-portrait project. I haven’t been able to make myself smile genuinely on camera. It just seems ridiculous to smile when there’s no one else around. I might just have to tell myself a joke next time, I guess.

In this photo, I’m smiling because the boys have decided to be part of my shoot. These are the same boys who often ran away or hid their face every time I brought the “big camera” out. Lately, they’ve been wanting to get in on the action. Lesson learned: Ignore them long enough and they’ll come around again.

Happy 2nd Birthday, i heart faces!


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