scavenger hunt sunday

1. family – My siblings and I always gather wherever mom decides to go on Christmas Eve and this year was no different. Here is my mom wearing a red shirt, as she does every Christmas Eve.

2. motion blur – A big delivery from the North Pole always elicits huge excitement at our house as well as plenty of motion blur. I just didn’t get any really good ones because, for a change, I actually remembered to adjust my camera settings so that I didn’t get a whole lot of blur. This was pretty much the only blurred image I have of Christmas day.

3. pretty package – Santa’s elves did a mighty fine job with the gift wrap this year, if I do say so myself : )

4. glow – Little Dude takes his turn on his uncle’s the PS3 Move game.

5. sparkleHis eyes how they twinkled, his dimples how merry!

I’m taking a little break from photography, as you may have gathered from my absence here and elsewhere and the lack of variation in my 5 entries above. I’m enjoying spending the holidays with family and friends and hope you’re having a lovely time as well. Happy Holidays, all!

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2 thoughts on “scavenger hunt sunday

  1. Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas and I commend you for taking a break. We were supposed to be with family earlier this week but got snowed in so I’m spending even more time in front of the computer.

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