scavenger hunt sunday

5 Photos – 1 Camera – 1 Hour. Yep, that’s my sub-theme for this week’s scavenger hunt for no other reason than my DSLR battery dying this morning and knowing that I’d be spending the afternoon with my favourite fellas at our favourite restaurant.

1. the view above – On our way to the restaurant.

2. something hot – And, I don’t mean our food. Still don’t get it? See theme #4.

3. something cold – Little Dude sucks back his coconut shake … the shake being the cold part.

4. electronic – My hot hubby pulled out his Blackberry to keep the boys occupied while we wait to be served.

5. sparkle – Had a hard time getting my bling to bling in this self-portrait. I blame being in a moving car and my husband making funny faces at me.

A couple of my interpretations were a bit of a stretch, I admit. But no matter. Lunch was both yummy and fun. Now go visit Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk to see how others interpreted this week’s themes.

Here are the themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. Black and White (next week’s Paper Mama theme)
  2. I Ate This… (November 2010 Photo Hunt)
  3. Historic (Dina’s Suggestion)
  4. Off-Center (Dina’s Suggestion)
  5. The End (Dina’s Suggestion))

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