scavenger hunt sunday

It’s that time of the week again. My favourite photo challenge at Ramblings and Photos by Ashley Sisk. When I saw the themes last weekend, I breathed a sigh of relief. Everything seemed doable. But as always, I left it a bit too late and had to scramble to put this together. I seem to have fallen off my groove with the big fancy camera and used my little compact digital for the last 2 shots.

1. self-portrait – No young child or animal was hurt during this very brief “jump” photo shoot for my 52-week project. My ego, however, was badly bruised.

2. handmade – The boys and I made a couple of these Wednesday evening. Not quite as spiffy as Ashley’s crown from The Paper Mama, I’m afraid.

3. orange – Not the crown but LittleR Dude’s shirt. Just needed to show off his crown, too.

4. candle – Kaboom!

5. traffic signal or signs – I don’t get out much so this is all I’ve got.

Here are the themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. The View Above (next week’s Paper Heart Camera theme)
  2. Something Hot (November 2010 Photo Hunt)
  3. Something Cold (November 2010 Photo Hunt)
  4. Electronic (Mandy’s suggestion)
  5. Sparkle (Mandy’s suggestion)

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