show and tell: self-portrait

I thought I’d join in on the fun at the Paper Heart Camera. The show and tell theme is self-portrait. I also used Kim Klassen‘s “warm grunge” texture. This is my 2nd attempt at adding texture to a photo. I don’t think I’ve got this technique figured out yet but it was fun trying.


Me in my “boyfriend jeans” … no, I’m not making this up. That’s what they’re called. I bought them at the GAP with the birthday $$ I received from my in-laws and they’ve quickly become my favourite pair of jeans. I practically live in them.
Photography love...

4 thoughts on “show and tell: self-portrait

  1. Thank you, Cynthia, for your comment on my blog. (Sorry, I couldn’t find an email to reply to.) This is a daily continuous “battle”… to find something that will keep us on an even-keel. For personalities as intense as ours, we need some serious outlets to keep the pressure off. It’s an interesting journey. Photography helps too by making me pause long enough in the moment to measure its peace. That is definitely a gift. =)

  2. I like the editing too, very nice. And I love me some GAP jeans – I wear my bootcut ones all the time (even though bootcut is not longer in style; but I am not shoving myself into a pair of those “skinny” jeans anytime soon!)

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