scavenger hunt sunday

1. my town – I didn’t have an opportunity to take pictures of our downtown area so instead I’ve chosen a photo of my neighbourhood taken in the spring with a Blackberry phone camera. Those are my kids in the distance with their bike helmets on and no bike in sight.

2. something vintage – I’m not sure if this Nikon SLR qualifies as being vintage but it is definitely old. Owned by my dad who passed away several years ago, it is also something I hold close to my heart along with the many childhood memories I have of him behind the lens.

3. tilt-shift – The hardest part about this theme was finding a photo that was suitable for tilt-shift processing. Living in a small city with a height restriction on buildings, I didn’t have too many options for a far-away-view-from-above photo so instead I searched my archives and found this photo taken a year ago with my Blackberry. It wasn’t taken from above but I think it works. Well … sort of … I think. My mini-me’s (and hubby) in miniature!!
Technical Notes: I used Lightroom 3’s graduated filter tool to create the blur.

4. dress-up – Since his older brother was in costume on Friday for junior kindergarten class, LittleR Dude had to, just had to put his on as well. He is dressed as himself … a cheeky monkey.

5. chocolate – And here is my little monkey again after gobbling up a tiny piece of chocolate scored on a trick-or-treating round at his daddy’s work on Friday.

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Here are the themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. Boo!
  2. Black
  3. Texture
  4. Wet
  5. Language

scavenger hunt sunday

This week’s scavenger hunt was very challenging for me for 2 reasons: I have very little experience in night photography and ditto for sky scapes. On the other hand, I do have 2 children and they do eat a lot. Interestingly enough, my favourite photos this week turned out to be the ones that posed the biggest challenge (night and sky).

All photos except the children image were taken with my little Nikon P6000. I’m enjoying a little break from the clunky DSLR this week.

1. the 5 senses – I decided to take a picture of my boys lunch plate since eating pretty much covers all the 5 senses. For my boys, the better the presentation, the more likely they will gobble everything up so I try to make their sandwiches interesting visually.

2. child/children – The boys enjoying a bit of iPad time … closely watched by mommy, of course.

3. dining – Our meals have gone to the dogs!

4. night – I set the camera on a little $5 tripod on our glass deck table and used no flash to get this image. I also used the timer to avoid blur caused by my finger pressing down on the trigger.

5. sky – I like this one because, aside from applying an auto tone edit, it’s pretty much a SOOC.

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Here are themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. My Town
  2. Something Vintage (October 2010 item)
  3. Tilt-Shift Photography (October 2010 item – Tutorial Here or Tilt-Shift Maker here or Coffeeshop’s Teeny Tiny World)
  4. Dress Up (this could also be “in disguise” – October 2010 item)
  5. Chocolate

in the orchard

Well, okay. A pumpkin farm probably doesn’t qualify as an orchard but I really wanted to share this image. The hubby and I took the boys pumpkin hunting. To the boys’ delight, the farm also had their version of a bouncy castle … instead of plastic they used straw and likely old mattresses or something bouncy underneath it all. Yahooo!

scavenger hunt sunday

I only had only 2 photos (#3 and #4) taken for this week’s hunt just before sending the boys up for a bath/shower tonight but I wanted to participate since I missed last week’s challenge. The other 3 were taken only moments ago.

1. side lighting – The hubby in front of his computer.

2. jack o lantern – I should have grabbed the tripod for shot.

3. faces formed in nature

4. sunset – This is as close to a sunset that I got this week. We don’t have much of a view from our house.

5. warm – Nothing warms my tummy like my hubby’s homemade pumpkin pie. Yum!

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Here are themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. The 5 Senses
  2. Child/Children (October 2010 item)
  3. Dining(October 2010 item)
  4. Night
  5. Sky


The boys begged to go outside on the front lawn this afternoon. They wanted to rake the leaves. And they did just that for a little while but, mostly, they played. I snapped a handful of shots with my little Nikon P6000 … because sometimes I need a little break from the big fiddly camera and fancy lens. Sometimes, I just want to be able to put the camera in my pocket, watch my children play and jump in the leaves with them. Unfortunately, our fun was cut short. My 3-year-old fell on the sidewalk as he was taking a running start towards the pile of leaves. The hubby had just come home and dinner was cooked and waiting. No matter. We can play in the leaves again tomorrow.


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The Paper Mama

show and tell: self-portrait

I thought I’d join in on the fun at the Paper Heart Camera. The show and tell theme is self-portrait. I also used Kim Klassen‘s “warm grunge” texture. This is my 2nd attempt at adding texture to a photo. I don’t think I’ve got this technique figured out yet but it was fun trying.


Me in my “boyfriend jeans” … no, I’m not making this up. That’s what they’re called. I bought them at the GAP with the birthday $$ I received from my in-laws and they’ve quickly become my favourite pair of jeans. I practically live in them.
Photography love...