the paper mama: a hint of color

I think we get as many greeting cards in September as in December with 2 birthdays (mine and my 3-year-old’s) and an anniversary to celebrate. It’s a been wonderful but hectic last few weeks, to say the least. This is my way of saying that I don’t have anything new to offer but I thought I’d share a couple of photographs I took and edited early in the year that I think is perfect for the Paper Mama “A hint of color” theme.

This is my favourite and would like to submit as my entry of the challenge:

I also wanted to share this 2nd photo because, unlike the 1st photo which has barely been retouched, I worked the hardest for it to look like this.

This is the SOOC shot of the 2nd photo:

A tutorial on how I edited these 2 photos will be posted at Paper Heart Camera sometime over the next week. See you there soon.


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