When I saw that this week’s I Heart Faces theme was smirk, the question wasn’t whose photo I was going to submit but rather which one of LittleR Dude’s many smirks in our digital archives was going to top the list. You’ve seen a recent one with his face covered with dirt and a defiant smirk that says “Yeah, I’m dirty. So what?” Or, the one taken only a few days ago … an icing-covered puckered smirk egging you to go ahead, “Kiss me. I know you want to.” The thing is, it’s all a front. He’s as sweet as can be. Sure. He can be tough if push came to shove. He will never be bullied in school. That is a fact. Yet, in many ways, he can be very sweet, thoughtful and loving.

Without further adieu, I present the King of Smirk himself at age 6 months:

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