the paper mama: a hint of color

I think we get as many greeting cards in September as in December with 2 birthdays (mine and my 3-year-old’s) and an anniversary to celebrate. It’s a been wonderful but hectic last few weeks, to say the least. This is my way of saying that I don’t have anything new to offer but I thought I’d share a couple of photographs I took and edited early in the year that I think is perfect for the Paper Mama “A hint of color” theme.

This is my favourite and would like to submit as my entry of the challenge:

I also wanted to share this 2nd photo because, unlike the 1st photo which has barely been retouched, I worked the hardest for it to look like this.

This is the SOOC shot of the 2nd photo:

A tutorial on how I edited these 2 photos will be posted at Paper Heart Camera sometime over the next week. See you there soon.


scavenger hunt sunday

It’s that time again … Ashley Sisk’s Scavenger Hunt Sunday! The first 3 were taken with my nikon d70 and the last 2 with my pentax optio w90.

1. miniature — a walkie-talkie photographed on top of my husband’s blackberry just to give you perspective on how small it really is. It came in a set along with some miniature spoons and forks. I haven’t seen these items in awhile. Chances are they disappeared when I last vacuumed the living room.miniature walkie talkie

2. water droplet — rain a couple of days ago meant a photo op for this theme and that I didn’t have to water the plants in the yard … yahoo!water droplet

3. bedhead — cheating a little and reusing a photograph posted on my other blog, picture motherhoodmorning

4. colourful — 2 boys + chalk + mom preparing dinner = graffiti on the walls … thankfully, it happened outsidechalk graffiti

5. eyes — a self-portraitself portrait - water

Here are themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. Golden
  2. Smell
  3. Fruit
  4. Simple
  5. Sports


When I saw that this week’s I Heart Faces theme was smirk, the question wasn’t whose photo I was going to submit but rather which one of LittleR Dude’s many smirks in our digital archives was going to top the list. You’ve seen a recent one with his face covered with dirt and a defiant smirk that says “Yeah, I’m dirty. So what?” Or, the one taken only a few days ago … an icing-covered puckered smirk egging you to go ahead, “Kiss me. I know you want to.” The thing is, it’s all a front. He’s as sweet as can be. Sure. He can be tough if push came to shove. He will never be bullied in school. That is a fact. Yet, in many ways, he can be very sweet, thoughtful and loving.

Without further adieu, I present the King of Smirk himself at age 6 months:

scavenger hunt sunday

I was feeling very lazy this morning and decided to abandon my dslr on my hunt for this week’s themes. All but one photo was taken this morning using my Pentax point and shoot.

1. wish/dream
My 3-year-old making a wish before blowing out the candles.

2. clean
The toilet isn’t clean in this shot. Just the cleaning product : )

3. currency
The hubby’s foreign money jar.

4. pair
My perfect pair.

5. square
Had trouble with this one so I made a square frame out of Lego and photographed some not-so-square Lego pieces.

Here are themes for next weekend’s challenge:

  1. Miniature
  2. Water Droplet
  3. Bedhead
  4. Colorful
  5. Eyes

brown – texturized

Thanks to Ashley Sisk, I discovered another cool site: Kim Klassen Cafe. I encourage you to check it out. Kim provides video tutorials and free downloadable textures. I’ve always wanted to try adding textures to an image and so here it is. My 10-minute first attempt looks very raw and nowhere near as awesome as Kim’s examples but I definitely like the technique.

I used a combination of LR3 and PSE8 to edit the image. Here’s the SOOC image:

On a side note, I used the same image as an example for The Paper Mama’s brown photo challenge where I was guest judge in between hosting a send off for my husband’s daughter (who is off to Australia in a few days), celebrating my youngest son’s 3rd birthday and getting ready for my other son’s 1st day in JK. What a busy week it’s been!

kiss me. i’m 3!

My youngest turned three today. We celebrated it yesterday. After devouring his birthday cupcake, he leaned towards me with his lips puckered and arms outstretched trying to cup my face in his hands. I giggled at the sight of his icing-covered face but leaned forward to meet his kiss, exaggerating my pucker in imitation. I obviously wasn’t able to capture that exact moment but this photo comes close and reflects my birthday boy’s tender yet goofy side.

Happy Birthday, bubba! I love you to pieces.