Photographing myself for this photo challenge was a journey that began on Sunday and ended late Monday. At first, I hid behind my dad’s old camera and then later my coffee mug. I stared down or out the window. It felt uncomfortable looking directly at the lens and my discomfort showed in the photographs. Then I took my camera off the tripod and began shooting close-ups. I felt myself glancing shyly at the camera but clicked away until, at last, the idea of being photographed no longer intimidated me. The more photos I took, the more at ease I felt. I think I even began to enjoy it.

When I showed my husband this picture, his only comment was that I “was not smiling.” I don’t think he likes it. It’s not a very glamourous shot of me. But that’s okay because, frankly, I haven’t looked glamourous in a very long while. Make-up is almost as foreign to me as size 4 jeans.

My short, straight lashes. The red veins in the whites of my eyes and the yellow spot in one. The permanently dark outline on my lips that reminds me of my mom’s. The age spots on my face. My smile lines.

This is me, imperfections and all. I can’t wait to meet you : )
The Paper Mama

Technical Notes: Only an LR3 preset (Sarah Ji’s Boost NE) was applied to this photograph.

10 thoughts on “self

  1. This is something I need to try. Even if taking photos of yourself can help you become more comfortable in front of the lens, then I need to do it. I think you’re beautiful. Who cares if you’re not smiling.. I love the way the image presents itself. Great job.

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