scavenger hunt sunday

Neither boys would stand still long enough for me during the bokeh shoot. And, the butterflies and squirrels? Well, let’s just say they had better things to do. Their stand-in proved a much less fidgety subject. Click. Click. Thank you polka-dotted ball. That’s a wrap.

In my business of being a stay-at-home mom and wife to a guy who is in meetings all day, I simply cannot do without my Blackberry. It’s my lifeline to my husband and the outside world.

We used cloth diapers and cloth wipes for the first 18 month’s of Little Dude’s life. I laundered them myself. Then LittleR Dude came and we moved from a bungalow to a 2-story house. I just couldn’t manage it with two boys and the extra set of stairs. I tried another eco-friendly alternative but it kept leaking. Today, our house is full of eco-friendly products and organic foods. I just didn’t feel like photographing my laundry detergent or refrigerator contents. That’s a lie. I’m simply feeling lazy and would rather share this old photograph with you.

Remember typing class?! No? You were probably still an egg in your mama when I sat once a week in front of one of these babies. In true drill sergeant style, my teacher would roar out “JKL, space, JKL space” repeatedly while I hammered at the typewriter keys in unison with the other 30+ students. It was repetitive and boring but it sure worked. I use all my fingers when I type and, boy, do I feel proud.

The kids set this scene up all on their own. Both boys decided they wanted to dance and I just happened to have my camera in hand trying to figure out what to shoot for the music theme. LittleR Dude put their musicbox on the floor, pressed the button to start the 20 second song and the two began twirling around. The lighting was poor in the basement so I clicked away madly, hoping that at least one would turn out. They restarted the song a few times but, without my speedlight, this was the best I could do.

I also want to share this photo taken late yesterday: LittleR Dude strumming on his “sea guitar“. The better framed but underexposed shot was posted yesterday.

The themes for next week’s challenge:
1.Red (also your POTW theme)

16 thoughts on “scavenger hunt sunday

  1. I love the repetition shot! The typewriter keys look like they’re floating.

    I had to laugh at your business shot, mine was an iphone and I commented on how I never see anyone use iphones/blackberries for more than a chance to show off their gadgets-way to prove me wrong! 🙂

  2. I love your bokeh! Thanks for the tips, I think my camera is very limiting to what I can do, I don’t even have a DSLR yet.
    I also love your eco-friendly shot, nothing cuter than a babe in a cloth diaper!

  3. wow. i am in awe. i have a tumblr for polka dots called iheartpolkadots. do you mind if i include the picture of the polka dot ball? i will of course link it back to this post.

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