you capture: in the kitchen

Say hello to my kitchen, captured in a reflection on my pepper mill. This is my way of hiding the mess that surrounds me even now at this late hour. The hubby was slumped over the toilet bowl this afternoon and slept most of early evening away. A weird flu bug. I made tacos from a boxed kit for dinner. The boys, thankfully, ate them up and were in good humour tonight.

I am laughing at my photograph because it is so unlike most of the gorgeously photographed sparkling kitchens and kitchenware that have been posted for the You Capture: In the Kitchen challenge. Look closely. I didn’t even take the time to dust the top of the peppermill off before taking the shot. I didn’t realize this until I saw the image on the computer.

I thought about trying again later in the week but, in a way, this photographs speaks me and my life raising two young boys. The kitchen (and adjoining family room) is the hub of our family. This is where we live. And, it is never, ever completely sparkling clean.

5 thoughts on “you capture: in the kitchen

  1. Very creative! I love it. when I first saw your shot, I thought to myself….”Hey, a reflection shot. Now there is a good way to let people have a little glimpse of your kitchen without letting them get up close and personal with the messes.” A lady after my own heart. And the dust – it has to stay! Gotta keep it real 😀

  2. Hooray for dust! I noticed a lot of that when I took my kitchen photos as well. And I went through the same process, “should I dust and go back and retake these?” and then I though, “Nope, it’s me…dust and all.” Nice not to be the only one!

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