pillow envy

Often, when I walk into a room where the boys have been for a while, I’m pulled into whatever game they’re playing. But more and more, they’re allowing me to sit and quietly observe them. Sometimes, I bring my coffee. Other times, my camera. And so I watched, greedily snapping away with my camera, as their game of pretend heightened to screeches of laughter and uncontrollable giggles only to crash down, in a matter of seconds, to this scene.

The reason for my LittleR Dude’s anguish? Pillow envy. More precisely, he wanted the green cushion that his older brother was lying on. No, he didn’t bother to ask for it first. He saw it, wanted it and then broke down into tearful whining. “I want the pillow!” he cried repeatedly. When we finally figured out which pillow he was lusting for, his brother pointed to the checkered yellow pillow next to him and said, “Here’s another pillow.”

“Oh,” exclaimed LittleR Dude and the tears dried instantly.

So there you have it. This was how the scene unfolded during the photo shoot. I didn’t seek it out, but feel strangely giddy with pride at having captured a moment of heightened emotion. I also shot a ton of much happier scenes but this is, by far, the most interesting of the bunch.


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