After a week of non-stop swimming, my almost three-year-old is looking very tanned. Today, he let me put a white sheet under him as he sat on the sofa watching a Mighty Machines episode. He even glanced my way a few times before he announced that he wanted to “watch his show now!”

Technical Notes: I’m on a mision to figure out the Manual mode on my D70. I guess it’s about time after 5 years of owning the camera. This image was shot in front of a window without a flash. I put a white sheet under LittleR Dude with the intention of using the dodge feature on LR3 to iron out the creases on the sheet, later. This proved harder than I thought. is much more efficient at doing this but I’m not willing to invest in the Premium membership yet until I become more acquainted with what LR3 can and cannot do.


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