scavenger hunt sunday

I’m loving this Sunday morning scavenger hunt exercise. Here are my entries, again taken very last-minute, on this gray, wet morning. All were taken under natural light (because I’m way too brain deprived to remember where I put my speedlight when I haven’t had my morning coffee).

If I had to pick a general theme for today’s photos, it would definitely be Lazy Sunday.

1. Mood

2. Something Masculine

3. Something Feminine

4. First initial

5. Architecture

Here are next week’s scavenger hunt items:

  1. Leading Lines (also your POTW theme)
  2. Something Comfortable (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
  3. Feet (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
  4. Sight
  5. Sweet

14 thoughts on “scavenger hunt sunday

  1. Oh these are fantastic! I was going to do a lego creation for architecture too – LOL! 🙂 I love the train picture too. Great shots! 🙂

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