welcome to my world

Today’s Shutter Sisters post struck a chord with me, particularly these words:

With every image we shoot and each photo we share, we reveal something about the way we see the world, something about the eyes with which we are looking. There’s an inherent vulnerability to it, and also something that compels us to pick up the camera anyway. Something within that says that our vision matters, even in the midst of internal and external choruses that disagree.

It’s so true. The photos I take and post on this site scream me and that my world revolve around my two boys. Not only do they offer a glimpse into my life, they also open a window into my home. The thought of this makes me feel very vulnerable. I am a private person by nature. But, still, I am compelled to share my photos to you. But why?

My photos provide a voice that transcends written and spoken words. A great alternative to my other blog because sometimes I just don’t have the energy to write.

I am probably my biggest fan, visiting my old posts time and time again. I love that my photos celebrate the mundaneness and chaos of my everyday. But isn’t this a form of narcissism? I’ve gone through this argument in my head before. And my reasons for blogging and sharing my photographs remain the same.

Thank you Shutter Sisters and Jen Lee for giving me additional courage to continue sharing my thoughts and vision.


3 thoughts on “welcome to my world

  1. Please keep sharing your photos. I’ve just found your blog and love your work.

    My boys are also the most amazing and glorious part of my world. They’re 27 and 23 now, so you see it never changes!

    Kind regards

  2. Great reflection and I completely agree. There are so many photos that I love and keep coming back to…and then there are those that I shoot but don’t feel attached to. And then someone responds with emotions that I never realized…it continues to inspire me.

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