scavenger hunt sunday

I found this Scavenger Hunt Sunday photo challenge last weekend and thought it would be fun to participate. So I started the week with the goal of photographing the 5 items on the list only to be pulled into other picture-worthy distractions. It’s been a great week for picture-taking but, this afternoon, I found myself with only 2 out of the 5 shots I needed for this post. Can you tell which ones were my last-minute shots?

1. Shadow/Silhouette

2. Motion Blur

3. Magazine

4. Ten

5. Glass

If you guessed that the 3 photos without my sons were taken last-minute, you are correct. I had intended to have the boys in every picture. That obviously didnt’ happen. Maybe next week.

Here is the next Sunday Scavenger Hunt list.

  1. Mood (also your POTW theme)
  2. Something Masculine (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
  3. Something Feminine (August 2010 Photo Hunt item)
  4. Your first or last initial (I would be looking for either the letter A or S)
  5. Architecture

Note to Scavenger Hunt participants: I tried to leave a comment on 2 blogs so far but is rejecting my wordpress ID for some reason. It would be nice if Blogger users allowed me to leave my Name & URL so that I can comment on your wonderful shots.


10 thoughts on “scavenger hunt sunday

  1. Stopping by from Scavenger Hunt Sunday. I love the 10 shot of your son – very creative use of the number! I also really like the one of the blocks. My daughter is just getting into stacking blocks… and then knocking them over, of course.

    • Thanks Laceysmom. I tried to comment on your post but ran into issues (mentioned in my post). I really love your hotwheels interpretation of TEN. And the GLASSes … I wished I had thought of it, myself. Lovely.

    • Thanks for visiting dea. I had tried to leave a comment on your post but got an error message. I just love your SHADOW, particularly the 1st photo. My boys love to play in puddles too but I’ve never been able to capture that moment the way I’d like. Oh, well. There will be a lot more puddles in our lives, I’m sure.

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