I welcomed a new member into my family of cameras. No not another Nikon. They don’t make underwater cameras. A Pentax Optio W90. My 4-year-old lives underwater when he’s in the pool, a feat he learned just 2 weeks ago. And boy, does he love to show off. So I traded in some reward miles points and the package came yesterday. I squealed with delight and ripped open the box.

This afternoon I threw the boys in the pool (just kidding; they went willingly) and snapped away. The clarity isn’t great but this is my favourite shot of the day. I love how Little Dude’s face looks so calm and the feet on the steps.


Coincidentally, I came across an interesting photo site. And guess what? The Paper Mama‘s challenge this week is water.

The Paper Mama

6 thoughts on “underwater

  1. that is an awesome shot, not only the fact that it is sideways but the ‘right’ way at the same time, but the crispness and focus is absolutely perfect! great shot!

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