Photographing myself for this photo challenge was a journey that began on Sunday and ended late Monday. At first, I hid behind my dad’s old camera and then later my coffee mug. I stared down or out the window. It felt uncomfortable looking directly at the lens and my discomfort showed in the photographs. Then I took my camera off the tripod and began shooting close-ups. I felt myself glancing shyly at the camera but clicked away until, at last, the idea of being photographed no longer intimidated me. The more photos I took, the more at ease I felt. I think I even began to enjoy it.

When I showed my husband this picture, his only comment was that I “was not smiling.” I don’t think he likes it. It’s not a very glamourous shot of me. But that’s okay because, frankly, I haven’t looked glamourous in a very long while. Make-up is almost as foreign to me as size 4 jeans.

My short, straight lashes. The red veins in the whites of my eyes and the yellow spot in one. The permanently dark outline on my lips that reminds me of my mom’s. The age spots on my face. My smile lines.

This is me, imperfections and all. I can’t wait to meet you : )
The Paper Mama

Technical Notes: Only an LR3 preset (Sarah Ji’s Boost NE) was applied to this photograph.


scavenger hunt sunday

Neither boys would stand still long enough for me during the bokeh shoot. And, the butterflies and squirrels? Well, let’s just say they had better things to do. Their stand-in proved a much less fidgety subject. Click. Click. Thank you polka-dotted ball. That’s a wrap.

In my business of being a stay-at-home mom and wife to a guy who is in meetings all day, I simply cannot do without my Blackberry. It’s my lifeline to my husband and the outside world.

We used cloth diapers and cloth wipes for the first 18 month’s of Little Dude’s life. I laundered them myself. Then LittleR Dude came and we moved from a bungalow to a 2-story house. I just couldn’t manage it with two boys and the extra set of stairs. I tried another eco-friendly alternative but it kept leaking. Today, our house is full of eco-friendly products and organic foods. I just didn’t feel like photographing my laundry detergent or refrigerator contents. That’s a lie. I’m simply feeling lazy and would rather share this old photograph with you.

Remember typing class?! No? You were probably still an egg in your mama when I sat once a week in front of one of these babies. In true drill sergeant style, my teacher would roar out “JKL, space, JKL space” repeatedly while I hammered at the typewriter keys in unison with the other 30+ students. It was repetitive and boring but it sure worked. I use all my fingers when I type and, boy, do I feel proud.

The kids set this scene up all on their own. Both boys decided they wanted to dance and I just happened to have my camera in hand trying to figure out what to shoot for the music theme. LittleR Dude put their musicbox on the floor, pressed the button to start the 20 second song and the two began twirling around. The lighting was poor in the basement so I clicked away madly, hoping that at least one would turn out. They restarted the song a few times but, without my speedlight, this was the best I could do.

I also want to share this photo taken late yesterday: LittleR Dude strumming on his “sea guitar“. The better framed but underexposed shot was posted yesterday.

The themes for next week’s challenge:
1.Red (also your POTW theme)

sooc saturday

The boys made their own guitars this afternoon. I cut out the shape from a cardboard box destined for the recycle bin and they painted and decorated them with stickers. After fitting the guitars with some rubber bands, the hubby turned on some tunes and the boys spoiled us with the funkiest air guitar concert ever. For a brief moment, LittleR Dude decided to mellow out on the sofa and serenaded us with his “sea guitar”. My flash didn’t work for this shot but, to my delight, the stickers glowed and produced a somber mood that seemed so perfect. This would have to be my favourite straight out of the camera photograph to date.

Slurping Life

An Update:
I won! I won! Well, okay. It was a tie : )
The Paper Mama

you capture: outside

The boys and I spent the day at the park and, although I have a ton of photos of the boys running around, chasing ducks, smelling the flowers and standing at the bridge waiting for the train to pass, my favourite shot would have to be the above.

Here are a few other shots of our day outside:

Check out the You Capture photo challenge at Next week’s theme is mornings.


I just discovered the panorama mode on my new Pentax W90. I panned across my backyard taking 3 photos and the camera did the rest of the work. I didn’t use a tripod and, aside from a simple auto tone edit using an LR3 preset, this is what came out practically straight from the camera. Can’t wait to try it out again.

kiddie art

The boys and I do a lot of arts and crafts in the kitchen. Today, we gave stamping a go.

I gave them a little demo on how to use the stamps and then left them alone to create. Both boys stamped away, haphazardly. After they were nearly done covering their pages, I showed them how to make a picture, creating a man and a caterpillar using the different shapes. I’m always a little wary about doing this as I fear it would stifle their creativity. Little Dude followed my lead and made a man and caterpillar like me.

I was thrilled when he asked for a third piece of paper and created something completely different:

As for LittleR Dude, he was just happy to get his fingers covered the paint. He called his picture “fireworks” (see first photo).