macro photography fail

I tried photographing a close-up of a flower in our backyard today. To be honest, I’m not really sure what I’m doing. I tried photographing it from various angles but in the end all the photos didn’t look quite “right”. It was hard choosing my favourite one from all the rejects.

3 thoughts on “macro photography fail

  1. These are all very impressive! It is kind of a great coincidence that I found your blog just now and I made up my mind this morning that my short-term goal in life (other than work and kids related), a goal for “myself and myself alone” is to learn how to properly use my Nikon D40. Are you a self-taught photographer? That’s very very amazing. I am so inspired! But now I need to go figure out where to start to move closer to my goal. 🙂

    • Thanks subWow. Yes, I’m self-taught. I did take a Nikon D70 course shortly after buying my camera (5 yrs ago) but haven’t taken any more courses since. There’s a lot of awesome photographers on the Net sharing their work. I found a lot of inspiration from them, particularly those who also happen to be a mom like myself. Flickr was an awesome starting point for me.

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