Today marks the final day for this month’s word … dream. I didn’t have Shutter Sister’s one word project in mind when I took this photo. In fact, it didn’t start out as one of my best shots but today, after some digital manipulation, the photo has become one of my favourites.

LittleR Dude’s very first haircut. The spring colours of his shirt and the balloons. These convey a new beginning … freshness … and a feeling of weightlessness that engulps me in moments when I am most relaxed. When I look at this photo (and the child sleeping in my arms as I’m typing this entry), I feel dreamy and long for the days when I could lie down, close my eyes and sleep the afternoon away.


maple key

My 4-year-old spied this on the maple tree in front of the house. He insisted that I break it off in spite of the mass of fallen maple keys on the ground. I complied and threw it up in the air before he could ask me to, making the thing whirl like a helicopter. I’m awed by this phenomenon even now in my 40-something years. I watched my son pick the maple key up and throw it in the air. It didn’t twirl and he gives up, distracted by another discovery this gorgeous spring evening.

Interestingly enough, today’s post at Shutter Sisters relates to an out of the ordinary discovery … “look who’s come” this spring. I’m intrigued by Tracey’s Picture Spring class. My hesitation isn’t related to money (a mere $30) but fear of failure. My type-A personality is rearing it’s ugly head here. Taking daily album-worthy photos for 30 days straight while keeping a 2 1/2 and 4-year-old happy, fed and out of mortal danger seems impossible to me. My hubby says “sign up” … and really … what do I have to lose?

Waiting on inspiration from other moms.